Comparison and Commentary on "Application Operating System"

C. Thomas Stover
Sr. Software Engineer @ Alert Logic

Inside the Erlang VM, many of the same concepts are duplicated from the underlying operating system upon which it runs, with both serious advantages and disadvantages in various areas. As a first year Erlang developer coming from a systems background, I see that the learning curve for those both coming into Erlang, and trying to learn more outside of Erlang could greatly be helped by high level review and analysis of this prospective. Some topics include: security and the process model, libraries, versioning, and shared memory; message passing and system calls; and virtualized / containerized processing. 

Talk objectives:

- To grow in understanding, and to encourage thought exorcises regarding architecture of systems and languages. 

Target audience:

- Newcomers to Erlang
- Those not familiar with systems and native code
- Students of comp sci in general


C. Thomas Stover works as a Sr. Software Engineer for Alert Logic Inc, and comes to the world of Erlang with a background surrounding native code primarily on the Linux platform. An open source developer and conference contributor, his experience ranges in problem domains from industrial automation and control to business compliance. 

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