Scaling ACID SQL: VoltDB

Henning Diedrich
Creator of Erlvolt & CEO of Eonblast

VoltDB is a scaling, elastic, fully ACID, relational SQL database, the thing everyone thought couldn't exist. Created by the maker of Ingres, PostgreSQL and Vertica, VoltDB is a database optimized for maximum throughput of the typical short and frequent queries of online transaction processing (OLTP). To some degree it swims in the pond of the NoSQLs and tellingly, it also offers a Key-Value mode as well as JSON processing. But it retains SQL and ACID, which means you can have search queries and indexes. And you can execute secure, multi-operation transactions, as opposed to Eventual Consistency, or BASE, that most NoSQL databases offer. VoltDB scales with ease, and stays incredibly fast (~80x faster than MySQL) while offering maximum data safety, consistency and durability. It can greatly reduce your hardware requirements and can be a good choice when you outgrew your MySQL or PostgreSQL server and need more structure than NoSQLs can offer.

Talk objectives:

learn about VoltDB and understand when VoltDB is the right choice

Target audience:

management and technicians who need to know about scaling options



Founder of ai effect UG. Software Developer, consultant and freelancer since 2009 in telecom and financial industries with specialization in fault-tolerant, high-availability backend systems. Bitcoin developer since 2013. Starcraft player since 1998.

Twitter: @hdiedrich

Github: hdiedrich

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