The Polyglot in the Code - An Elixir/Ruby Mashup

Johnny Winn
Rugby Player with a Ruby Problem & Rocketeer @ Hashrocket

As programmers, change is our only constant. Whether it's innovations in our current stack or the emergence of new languages and frameworks, there is always a new technology to explore. For many of us, that is one of the reasons we were drawn to programming. There is a profound curiosity that drives us and it's that curiosity that can lead to a Polyglot lifestyle. However, just knowing multiple languages isn't enough to claim a Polyglot lifestyle, one must actually utilize their skills. A great example is using one language to explore another. Because of it's flexibility and dynamic nature, Ruby is a great fit for this role. But where to start? In this talk we are going to explore the new functional language Elixir by using Ruby to fill in the gaps. We will look at how Ruby can be used in conjunction with the primary language to handle some of the secondary tasks seamlessly. If your interested in propagating your polyglot potential, join me in embracing Polyglot lifestyle.

Talk Objectives

The talk covers some of the features of Elixir as well as how to use Ruby to fill in some of the missing features. We build an Elixir Dynamo web application, with database integration using Ecto, and use Ruby for testing and database management.

Target Audience

This talk appeals to any developer interested in learning how to take advantage of the tools available or developers interested in a look at Elixir.


The renaissance man from Jacksonville, Johnny embarked on his computing curiosity during the eighties on a Commodore 64. However the road leading toward software craftsmanship has diverged down many paths. From musician to electrical engineer, chef to software developer, rugby player to local politician, the twist and turns have provided a wide range of experiences that have helped to shape him.

GitHub: nurugger07

Twitter: @johnny_rugger

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