Training - Cowboy Express: the ultimate tool to write efficient fault-tolerant services
D3 + Websocket for Live Web Applications

Loïc Hoguin
Erlang Cowboy and Nine Nines Founder

We live in a world of soft realtime Web applications and REST APIs. Cowboy is the ultimate tool to write efficient fault-tolerant services, capable of handling millions of connections. This training will teach you the basics, give you the best practices for writing applications and guide you through advanced topics like optimizing performances and understanding the server internals.

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Cowboy allows Erlang to send data to web clients live using Websocket. In this talk I will show how to combine the power of Cowboy and D3.js to create web applications that update live in near real-time, with a very minimal amount of code required.

We will look at the applications Alien and Shaman and how they were built to combine metrics from many different Erlang nodes on a single web page, all this in real time.


Author of the Cowboy web server, Ranch, Gun web client, build tool, The Erlanger Playbook and more. Founder of the Nine Nines open source Erlang company. Loves Erlang, games, cycling and sunny seaside.

GitHub: essen

Twitter: @lhoguin

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