Profiling Applications using DTrace

Mark Allen
Erlang beer

Erlang support for DTrace is excellent, but knowledge about DTrace as a tool and technology is unfortunately poor. Using non-trivial Erlang applications like Riak and RabbitMQ as examples on operating systems like OmniOS and Mac OS X, learn how to use DTrace to profile application and core Erlang behavior. This talk will discuss a bit about the fundamentals of DTrace and provide some live demos of interesting and useful profiling scripts and tools running against Riak and RabbitMQ.

Talk Objectives

This talk aims to evangelize an excellent tool which is under utilized and not well known in the Erlang user community.

Target Audience

Intermediate to advanced Erlang developers.


Mark has over 15 years of professional software development. He's been working with Erlang for the past 3 years. In that time, Mark has presented talks at OSCON several times on a variety of topics, and given talks at several Perl conferences and workshops.

Twitter: @bytemeorg

Github: mrallen1

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