An Open Erlang PaaS Done Right

Vladimir Kirillov
Bridging Erlang Dev and Ops

I'm going to describe the architecture of the Erlang platform that emerges from a toy PaaS to a build-yourself-a-platform product. In the talk I'd like to compare existing ops strategies to operate Erlang software, identify their pitfalls and offer solutions, some of which were implemented in Voxoz. Some of the project outlines can be read at here

Talk Objectives

Lead the audience through:

  • development environment disaster porn
  • deployment disaster porn
  • real world Erlang on Xen use scenarios, experience from porting the apps from beam to ling and making the deployment scenarios as close as possible

Target Audience

- erlang hackers - erlang ops


"Vladimir is a DevOps, Unix and Erlang hacker. Having built and operated a massively scaled CDN in the past he drives his experience and passion further beyond common cloud platforms."

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