Why Simplicity Matters: a Hardware Perspective

Andreas Olofsson
Founder of Adapteva and Creator of Parallella Project

Over the span of 40 years chip designers pulled off one of the greatest magic trick in history: they made hardware disappear. Forty years ago, every programmer knew exactly how many bits and clock cycles a program consumed. Today, computing hardware and memory has gotten so cheap and powerful that for most programmers it has disappeared from the mind. Of course as everyone working on the bleeding edge of computing knows, there is a big difference between absolute zero and almost zero. In this talk Andreas will present hardware trends from two ends of the computing spectrum (super computing and the Internet of Things) to show how simplicity will once again become the dominant design principle in programming and hardware design.


Andreas is the founder of Adapteva and the creator of the Parallella project. Andreas started out in physics but has slowly worked his way up the system food chain one step at a time and is now on a mission to change the way we write software.

Twitter: @adapteva

Github: adapteva

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