Gadget: The Ultimate Code-Checking Machine

Brujo Benavides
CTO @ Inaka

There are many tools around to check your code and help you improve it: dialyzer, xref, erl_tidy, tidier, elvis. But running them all by hand is a tedious and, sometimes, cumbersome process. Gadget will automate all that for you, as long as you have your code hosted on a public github repository. He'll interject your PRs, check your code with all the tools you want and write comments on the lines you need to review.

Talk objectives:

- In this talk we will learn how Gadget is built, how you can use it, what does it do for you and how you can help him grow and be smarter.

Target audience:

- Erlang developers, especially those working on open-source projects.


Brujo has been a programmer since the age of 10 and he has already more than 15 years in the industry. He was a VB, .NET, Java and Haskell programmer until he found Erlang 8 years ago. He’s now Inaka's CTO and Erlang Solutions’ Tech Lead and Trainer. He’s an active member of the open-source community and his blog (Erlang Battleground on Medium) was the most active Erlang blog of 2016.

GitHub: elbrujohalcon

Twitter: @elbrujohalcon

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