Tutorial: Elixir
Hex Package Manager

Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Elixir Team Member

Elixir is a new language on the Erlang VM with strong extensibility through polymorphism and meta-programming.

The tutorial will teach the basics of Elixir and how to build and manage your project with the Mix build tool. A long the way we will test the project with the ShouldI DSL.

Prerequisite knowledge:

Comfortable programming in another programming language. Erlang or functional programming experience is helpful.

This tutorial will cover:

 - Basics of Elixir

 - Using the Mix build tool

 - Testing in Elixir

 - Using DSLs

Eric will talk about the Hex the package manager and how it integrates with the Mix build tool. The talk will go in-depth about dependency handling with Mix, the inner workings of Hex and what it brings to the table. Eric will show the changes that are being made to Hex to enable integration with Erlang tooling and explain why we want to make Hex the package manager for the Erlang VM. Finally it will be shown how Mix and Hex can be used by Erlang developers.

Talk objectives

Show Erlang and Elixir developers how Mix and Hex improves the state of tooling in the Erlang ecosystem. Additionally show Erlang developers how they can use Elixir tooling.

Target audience

All Erlang and Elixir developers.


Eric Meadows-Jönsson is part of the team behind the Elixir programming language and has created many open source projects in Elixir, including Hex, a package manager and Ecto, a language integrated query for Elixir. He graduated from Computer Science at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and is now an Elixir developer at icanmakeitbetter.com. Eric has a passion for open source development and programming with a focus on functional programming and the Erlang ecosystem.

GitHub: ericmj

Twitter: @emjii

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