Maximizing throughput on Multicore Systems

Irina Guberman
Software Engineer at Ubiquiti Networks

Erlang is the best language there is for getting the most out of your concurrent system -- it was created with multi-core processing in mind! However, to get the best of it we need to understand what our concurrent processes are actually doing and how they'll play out with our system's physical limitations, a concept also known as mechanical sympathy. I would like to explore this subject based on my project at Ubiquiti Networks and take a look at an existing tool that could make the task of maximizing throughput on you multicore system easy and fun: the "Jobs" Framework by Ulf Wiger.

Talk objectives

1. Explore a business case scenario of a highly concurrent HTTP server requiring high CPU utilization.

2. Explore "Jobs" framework in great detail with code snippets and fun pics. By the end of it anyone can start using it even developers with no Erlang background!

3. And last but not least: Demonstrate that Erlang is a fantastic choice for writing highly concurrent applications!

Target audience

Any developer interested in writing concurrent applications.


Irina is a Sr. Architect at HERE, having fun with the challenges of HTC. 

GitHub: iguberman

Twitter: @irina_guberman

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