Training: Kazoo

James Aimonetti
Senior Distributed Systems Engineer @ 2600hz

Want to learn how to write applications for the most flexible, scalable, and advanced telephony platform, Kazoo? This three-day, hands-on course will take you through the platform, starting with the libraries, utilities, behaviors, and patterns developed over the last three years to get you going on the right track. From there, we'll journey into the existing applications so you can see design decisions that worked, that didn't worked, and the tradeoffs to consider when you take the reigns to build your own application. 

The course will cover topics such as using the AMQP behavior, gen_listener, to consume messages off the AMQP bus; using the BigCouch utilities to query, create, and delete databases, documents, and views; basic Erlang application structure to build new Kazoo applications; and so much more!

We will have a variety of fun "toy" applications you can choose from for the final project, but if you have ideas for your own application, we encourage you to bring those ideas and see if you can get a prototype together before you leave.

More info available here.

James Aimonetti is a Senior Distributed Systems Engineer and Erlang Expert at 2600Hz, where he is helping design and build an open source, cloud telecom platform from the ground up. He has been involved in projects ranging from a collaborative fitness website to a text messaging platform used for sending inspirational text messages from authors like Steven Covey, Oprah, and the Dalai Lama, and class management software for Northwestern University. James has worked in Erlang since 2007 and enjoys coding, advocating for, and teaching Erlang to the unwashed masses. Though currently living in San Francisco, James roots for the Portland Trailblazers, enjoys basketball, surfing, surfing, yoga, and hearing the groans of his coworkers when he puts country music on the office sound system.

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