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Panel Discussion

John Hughes
QuickCheck Creator

Whether you write your software in Erlang, Elixir or C, testing is a necessity. The more complex your program, the more complex it might become to test it. Many different configurations? A large number of possible errors that should be handled? Complex, almost infinitely many, different scenarios possible? Manually crafted test cases feel like stone age in such settings. Learn how modern testing is performed: automatically generating and running tests from specified properties.

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Eventbrite - Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2015

QuickCheck, our random testing tool, has a long track record of nailing serious and hard-to-find bugs and boosting quality, in software like dets (part of mnesia), Riak, and the embedded software in cars. QuickCheck is usually used manually and interactively: the developer invokes QuickCheck, finds a bug, and fixes it--rinse and repeat. But how should QuickCheck be deployed in the longer term? How should it be used for regression testing, continuous integration, etc? Can we derive further power from the QuickCheck approach to help software evolve? In this talk I will present new ideas in this direction under development at Quviq.

Talk objectives:

Learn how to use QuickCheck for your github project

Target audience:

Erlang developers interesting in powerful testing tools


The panel discussion will feature Guido van Rossum, Mike Williams, Jose Valim and John Hughes and will be moderated by Bruce Tate. We'll start by asking each inventor about their approach when creating their languages:

  • What problem did the language they invented solve?
  • What decisions made the biggest impact on that solution?
  • What are the consequences of those decisions?

This opening will lead to a Q&A discussion on what the language inventors got right and what they would do differently today if given the chance to start again. Don't miss this opportunity to learn directly from language creators!


John Hughes has been a functional programming enthusiast for more than thirty years, at the Universities of Oxford, Glasgow, and since 1992 Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. He served on the Haskell design committee, co-chairing the committee for Haskell 98, and is the author of more than 75 papers, including "Why Functional Programming Matters", one of the classics of the area. With Koen Claessen, he created QuickCheck, the most popular testing tool among Haskell programmers, and in 2006 he founded Quviq to commercialise the technology using Erlang.

Twitter: @rjmh

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