Debugging Complex Systems

Louis-Philippe Gauthier
Team Lead, AdGear Trader

Debugging complex systems can be difficult. Luckily, the Erlang ecosystem is full of tools to help you out. With the right mindset and the right tools, debugging complex Erlang systems can be easy. In this talk, I'll share the debugging methodology I've developed over the years.

Talk objectives:

+ Highlight the importance of good monitoring (os, vm, app)

+ Introduce tools for debugging (remote shell, dbg, erl_crash.dump, and many more!)

+ Expose common pitfalls, caveats and gotchas

+ Share some real world examples (battle stories!)

Target audience:

Anyone serious about running Erlang in a production environment,


Louis-Philippe "LP" Gauthier is a software developer based in Montreal, Canada. He is the director of product engineering at AdGear and leads the development of AdGear Trader, a real-time digital advertising platform (RTB) that connects buyers, sellers, and ad exchanges. His interests include distributed processing, low-latency high-throughput web services, and high availability systems.

GitHub: lpgauth

Twitter: @lpgauth

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