Mark Allen
Senior Software Developer @ Basho

Basho extracted riak_core from its key-value store several years ago. Unfortunately, documentation for this foundational library has always been difficult to locate and is often out of date. This talk will sketch the general design of the project and how to take advantage of it when implementing your own software which would benefit from a masterless multi-node application design.

Talk objectives:

- This talk will help intermediate to advanced Erlang developers use riak_core to build their own clustered applications.

Target audience:

- Mostly intermediate to advanced Erlang developers. Beginners might be interested just for the overview of what riak_core does and how its designed. Beginners might get lost in some of the finer details of the application discussion.


Mark has over 15 years of professional software development. He's been working with Erlang for the past 3 years. In that time, Mark has presented talks at OSCON several times on a variety of topics, and given talks at several Perl conferences and workshops.

Twitter: @bytemeorg

Github: mrallen1

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