Efficient Architecting and Implementation of Systems

Martin Kristiansen
Senior Erlang Engineer @ Tigertext

When architecting large scale applications, with changing specifications, optimizing the code-test-optimize loop is essential to succeeding.

This talk explains how we implemented a Entity Relationship Mapper for Erlang and a dynamo style datastore, and how to use this to rapidly model and implement large and complex systems.

The talk will consist of a walkthrough the functionality in our Entity-mapper and an example application.

Talk objectives:

- to show how with a limited amount of code one can build a web application using our ER-mapper;

Target audience: 

- The talk is aimed at anyone designing or maintaining large systems with constantly changing specifications, datamodel etc;


Martin is a senior Erlang engineer at Tigertext, with a masters degree is computer science from the university of Aarhus Denmark. Previously he worked in machine learning and medical imaging.

Twitter: @mskristiansen

Github: martinsk

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