Erlang IDE Done Right

Sergey Savenko
Erlang Plugin for IDEA Contributor

This talk introduces the Erlang plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, an open source Erlang IDE. It will demonstrate advantages of using a full-featured IDE on a set of live demos, revealing latest features of IntelliJ IDEA and the Erlang Plugin including code editing and navigation, refactoring, code analysis, integration with build systems, and more.

Talk objectives:

-  Encourage Erlangers to try the Erlang plugin, showcase main aspects of it's setup and usage. Get feedback from the community.

Target audience:

- Erlang developers aiming to improve their productivity.


Sergey Savenko graduated from St. Petersburg Academic University and is now an active contributor to the Erlang plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and a software developer for JetBrains in the IntelliJ team.

Twitter: @deadok22

Github: deadok22


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