Tristan Sloughter
‎Routing Infrastructure Developer at Heroku

Erlang projects have historically been built with Makefiles, rebar, and then some more makefiles, many of which would just call rebar again. 

In an attempt to make Erlang's project building on par with rest of the programming world (or even try to go further), employees at Heroku have spearheaded development of Rebar3, a newer, improved version of rebar3 that aims to make your life better.

Talk objectives:
- Show the new rebar3 behavior, what it can do, and the issues it fixed from old rebar, and its rationale
- Show the new plugin structure
- Our roadmap

Target audience:
- Anyone using Erlang and having to build projects


Tristan is a long time Erlang hacker, having gotten into it in college and then professionally for various companies, eCDMarket, Orbitz Worldwide, Heroku and currently as a senior engineer at GOFACTORY. Tristan is also one of the maintainers of the release tool relx and build tool rebar3.

GitHub: tsloughter

Twitter: @t_sloughter

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