Here Be Dragons: Charting Parse Transforms In Erlang

Garret Smith
Staff Software Engineer @ Panduit

Parse transforms are extremely powerful but rarely used (with good reason) in Erlang. This talk will introduce you to parse transforms and the Abstract Format using [aeon]( as a case study.

Talk objectives:

* Teach the basics of Erlang parse transforms and introduce the Abstract Format

* Introduce existing tools for working with parse transforms, like Ulf Wiger's parse_trans library

* Explore some advanced applications of parse transforms

Target audience:

You should come to this talk if are comfortable with Erlang programming and are curious about more advanced topics, or have ever wondered how the 'exprecs' or 'lager' parse transforms work.


Garret Smith is a polyglot software engineer always looking for better ways to solve problems. Lately he has been working on control software for the mechanical infrastructure, made mostly of metal and concrete, that keeps your cloud aloft.

GitHub: garret-smith

Twitter: @GarretESmith

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