Building high performance Erlang clients using Shackle

Louis-Philippe Gauthier
Director&Product Engineering @ AdGear

Building performant network (TCP, UDP) clients can be tricky, especially at high concurrency. By giving you a framework for building asynchronous clients, Shackle solves most of this problem for you. This framework is the result of multiple years of writing Erlang clients for our real-time bidding platform (RTB), AdGear Trader.

Talk objectives:

After this talk, you should be able to build a high performance asynchronous network client for your favourite server!

During this talk will go over the following topics:

- client architecture evolution (from naive to advanced)

- Shackle's architecture

- Shackle's behaviour

- protocol encoding / decoding examples

- timing and profiling

- optimization tips

Target audience:

Anyone looking to build a network client in Erlang.


Louis-Philippe "LP" Gauthier is a software developer based in Montreal, Canada. He is the director of product engineering at AdGear and leads the development of AdGear Trader, a real-time digital advertising platform (RTB) that connects buyers, sellers, and ad exchanges. His interests include distributed processing, low-latency high-throughput web services, and high availability systems.

GitHub: lpgauth

Twitter: @lpgauth

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