Reactive Programming With Elixir And RethinkDB

Peter Hamilton
Senior Software Engineer @ Yahoo/BrightRoll

RethinkDB is an open source NoSQL database. Its query language is functional and embedded in the client's native language. A special type of query is a "changefeed", which is a persistent query in which the database pushes changes to the results out to the client in realtime. Learn how the RethinkDB Elixir driver makes using changefeeds in your application simple and robust.

Talk objectives:

Introduce people to RethinkDB and demonstrate how the Elixir driver and ecosystem uniquely enable people to take advantage of its strengths and build scalable realtime applications.

Target audience:

Anyone building realtime applications, especially web applications.


I'm a Swiss Army Knife developer with a propensity for functional programming. By day, I work at BrightRoll (acquired by Yahoo) on the Video Ads exchange. By night, I am actively engaged in the Elixir community and have focused my efforts on enabling Reactive programming. Recently this has led me to build and maintain the RethinkDB driver.

GitHub: hamiltop

Twitter: @hamiltop

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