Taking Off with Phoenix

Sonny Scroggin
Polyglot Software Craftsman @ Blue Box, An IBM Company, Part of The Phoenix Core Team

Phoenix is an Elixir framework for building scalable web applications with realtime connectivity across all your devices. Together, we'll take a guided tour of the framework, going from the very basics, to building our own realtime applications. You'll see the framework's foundations, core components, and how to use Phoenix to write powerful web services.

Talk objectives:

- RESTful style applications

- Real-time interaction via WebSockets

Target audience:

This talk would appeal to anyone who has experience or is interested in building scalable HTTP applications and/or real-time WebSocket interactive web applications.


Sonny Scroggin is a software craftsman with broad interests in the world of computing. He is a core team member of the Phoenix Framework and is working on various libraries within the Elixir ecosystem. You can find him presenting or teaching others about Elixir, Phoenix, and other tools and libraries in the local user groups in Nashville, TN.

GitHub: scrogson

Twitter: @scrogson

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