From Zero To Production: Developing, Testing And Deploying Erlang Services Consistently

Susan Potter
Software Heretic At Large @ Lookout

This talk will introduce the audience to the Nix packaging, NixOS, and related ecosystem tools for Erlang/Elixir developers.

By reviewing common development, testing, and deployment problems we will look at what Nix has to offer to aid Erlang/Elixir developers in these areas.

From seamless developer environment bootstrapping to consistent CI environments and beyond.

Talk objectives:

Provide an opinionated way for Erlang/Elixir teams to manage configuration complexity from development, testing, through deployment.

Target audience:

Developers or operations engineers interested in managing their deployments more consistently.


Susan is a distributed systems engineer straddling technical operations and engineering helping make data and service infrastructure operationally manageable at scale.

Over the last seventeen years she has worked on algorithmic trading systems, market data software, multi-tenant service oriented architecture, and continuous delivery.

GitHub: mbbx6spp

Twitter: @SusanPotter

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