Erlang, Open Source and the Connected Car

Ulf Wiger
Independent contractor, father of gproc, locks, unsplit, jobs, ...

Software - not least Connected Software - is the new battleground where car manufacturers need to stand out. The non-profit GENIVI Alliance has taken point, partly by developing Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI), a secure and flexible Open Source connectivity framework for vehicles, devices and services. In this talk, I will describe RVI’s progress towards hopefully becoming an industry standard, talk about some fresh demos and incubators, briefly give some implementation details and invite collaboration. The RVI core is developed in Erlang. The demo applications are written in various other languages. RVI is quickly garnering support and we seem to be in for some excitement in the coming year.

Target audience:

Anyone interested in Connected Devices, entrepreneurs, hackers. No particular Erlang knowledge is required.


Ulf has been programming Erlang since 1992, bought the first commercial Erlang license in 1993, and made it a full-time occupation in 1996. Since then, he has worked as Software Architect at Ericsson, CTO at Erlang Solutions and co-founder of Feuerlabs Inc. Now, Ulf works as a freelance consultant and is currently involved in the GENIVI alliance. While not programming, Ulf sings professionally, mostly with his wife Katarina Pilotti.

GitHub: uwiger

Twitter: @uwiger

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