Relx, A Dead Simple, Robust Way to build Releases

Eric Merritt
Co-author of “Erlang and OTP in Action”

Building Releases is harder then it needs to be. There is already so much useful metadata in any Erlang release that it should be a simple one line command to create almost any Release. With Relx it is. Providing both a simple command line and intuitive integration with Rebar, Relx makes the standard Releases simple and hard Releases easy. 

Talk objectives:

- The ultimate goal is to get more people using standard OTP Releases for their systems. By introducing Relx and showing how easy releases actually are we hope to convince more Erlangers to use Releases as part of their everyday work.

Target audience:

- Erlang Developers;

Co-author of Erlang and OTP in Action, open source contributor, Erlang Engineer.

GitHub: ericbmerritt

Twitter: @ericbmerritt

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