Need Driven Development: The Chef Server Story

Seth Falcon
Engineering Lead @ CHEF

Do you care about reproducible builds? Does your application manipulate JSON or interact with a SQL-based database? This talk will present three open source libraries developed to support the Erlang-powered Chef Server.

We’ll cover a rebar plugin for locking all project dependencies, a tool for accessing and validating JSON, and a library for interacting with an RDBMS with a unique "No ORM” approach.

Talk objectives:

- Present three Erlang libraries that proved useful in developing a high volume web service (Chef Server).

Target audience:

- Erlang developers interested in learning about the libraries described in the abstract and the motivation for factoring out these reusable pieces during the development of a larger project.

Seth Falcon is an Engineering Lead at CHEF currently working on a secret continuous delivery product. Previously, he helped port the Chef Server to Erlang and migrate customers to the new system without them noticing.
He is the author of the mildly popular Erlang libraries ej and pooler. Before Erlang, Seth wrote software for biologists and statisticians in R.

Twitter: @sfalcon

Github: seth

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