Wireless Small Embedded Erlang Applications with Grisp Hardware Boards

Adam Lindberg
Polyglot Software Engineer

Available CPU boards are either to large (can run Linux easily) or too small (Arduino size) to make much sense running a Erlang VM close to the hardware. We are developed a CPU board just in the right size to implement interesting applications in Erlang close to the hardware. Building on a updated port of Erlang to RTEMS realtime operating system this board will boot very quickly after power on into a Erlang VM right out of the box. It features Wifi for connectivity to PMOD sensor and actuator boards with a platform for device drivers. This will be the ideal platform for experiments with Erlang Embedded Wireless application. The talk will demo the board together with several PMOD sensor/actuator boards with wireless Erlang distribution and explain the architecture and the current status of the Erlang/RTEMS = Grisp port and the PMOD Erlang device driver platform.

Talk objectives

Show how to quickly prototype Erlang Embedded Wireless Applications, give a overview of the available PMOD and other compatible sensors and actuators.

Target audience

Makers of all shades, Erlang developers interested in Embedded, Embedded developers interested in Erlang.


Senior software development professional. Experience with distributed architecture, cloud infrastructure, live operations and embedded systems. Focus on dynamic languages, test driven development and agile methods. Author of Meck, an open source mocking framework for Erlang.

GitHub: eproxus

Twitter: @eproxus

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