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Chicago Erlang Factory Lite 2013

04 Oct 2013



 It Was an Absolutely Unique Event!

On the 4th of October the first Chicago Erlang Factory Lite brought the power of Erlang to software professionals and organizations looking to build highly concurrent, scalable, fault tolerant applications. That was a perfect time to find out what makes Erlang such an effective tool for innovation, discover how companies solved real-world challenges with Erlang and learn from language experts.

The conference covered the topics such as:

  •  What makes Erlang unique among other general purpose software platforms
  •  How others have used Erlang as a competitive business advantage
  •  Practical strategies for getting started with Erlang in your organization

The Chicago Erlang Factory Lite was held at the Gene Siskel Film Center in the heart of Chicago’s theater district - within walking distance of the loop, the near north neighborhoods and the lakefront!

Big thank you goes to all the attendees and speakers who made this event such a great experience. Our speaker's dream team included Alexander GounaresAdam DenenbergGarrett SmithMahesh Paolini-Subramanya, Susan Potter, Corey Haines, Christopher Meiklejohn, Steve Vinoski, Sean Cribbs, Todd Bittner, Jesse Gumm and Evan Miller.


Erlang User Conference: Call for Talks open until 10 March

The conference will take place on 9-10 June. It will be followed by one day of tutorials on 11 June and 3 days of expert training on 11-13 June. 

We are currently accepting talk submissions for the Erlang User Conference 2014. If you have an interesting project you are working on or would like to share your knowledge, please submit your talk here. The deadline is 10th of March.