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Rusty Klophaus
Author of Nitrogen Web Framework, Riak committer
Basho Technologies

Rusty Klophaus is the author of the Nitrogen Web Framework and a Riak code committer. Rusty typed his first line of Erlang code in early 2008 after trying (and quickly discarding) a number of other functional languages. He now ferociously evangelizes the merits of Erlang to anyone who will listen. Rusty grew up on a farm, earned a degree in Computer Science from Princeton University, spent a summer in Philadelphia as a professional musician, co-founded a .NET software consulting company, and has managed multi-million dollar technology projects. He recently joined Basho Technologies, a company focused on providing large data storage, access, and analysis solutions powered by Erlang.

Rusty Klophaus is Giving the Following Talks
Nitrogen and Riak By Example

Nitrogen has gained a quick and active community by providing extensive example-based documentation. In this talk, Rusty will continue this example-based approach by walking through a simple application built on Nitrogen and Riak, highlighting common patterns and best practices.