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David Almroth
Server side game architect and founder of PikkoTekk

After ten years of work with Enterprise Java consulting in banking and finance, David has switched to Erlang and the gaming industry. Games has always been at the forefront of technological advancement and it is in the game industry we can expect some very advanced many-core applications in the near future

He started the company PikkoTekk and has been the
leader of a team building an Erlang application-level gateway (ALG), called Pikko Server, for massive multiplayer games.  How to utilize a manycore architecture on massive game servers has been Davids area of focus and his team has successfully developed a unique solution that allow for this. Allowing for new types of transaction intensive virtual worlds.

The games of the future can handle thousands of players on the same battlefield, where all of the players can see each other and interact in real-time in a shared experience.

David Almroth is Giving the Following Talks
PikkoServer, how to scale game servers and enable player density.

The dream to build a game server in Erlang has been around for many years. Erlang has been used in games on the server side in some projects but it is not common, not yet. In the gaming industry, C++ has been the favorite tool for most developers when they need performance. This is now changing rapidly. Game programmers are learning and using new technologies, and Erlang is one of them.

In this talk David Almroth will present an ALG product for the gaming industry based on Erlang. It is a middleware product to be used on the server side and where the architecture is transformed from single-core to many-core. The product is used by server side programmers without having to learn any Erlang, which makes it easy to both embrace in the organisation and integrate in the game engine. Allowing a wider use of the power of Erlang.