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Dale Harvey
Czar of HTML and Erlang at Couchbase

Dale Harvey is an Engineer at Couchbase and a long time enthusiast of Erlang, Javascript, Open Source and the Open Web. Dale previously cofounded the online spreadsheet company Hypernumbers before moving to Couchbase where he now focuses on Couchbase core + Couchbase Mobile. Dale's interest in computing started over 15 years ago; he enjoys working with cutting edge technology and knowing the ins and outs of the web, however his passion is solving problems and delivering solutions to end users. Dale lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and can be found speaking and participating in the local developer community.

Twitter: @daleharvey

Dale Harvey is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang everywhere

When Canonical based their file sharing system Ubuntu One on CouchDB technology, it became the largest deployment of Erlang on desktops everywhere; now Couchbase is working on Couchbase Mobile, bringing the power of Erlang and CouchDB to mobile devices – and into users’ hands across the world.

In this talk I will discuss why Couchbase is a great fit for mobile applications and the challenges and benefits we have had using Erlang in mobile devices.

You can find the slides for Dale's talk here.