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Loïc Hoguin
Main author of the Cowboy project

Dev:Extend founder. Somewhat of a newcomer in the Erlang world, but already very active in the community. Main author of the Cowboy project. Spawnfest organizer. Currently building a whole ecosystem for creating Erlang-based web applications.

Twitter: @lhoguin

Loïc Hoguin is Giving the Following Talks
A Cowboy quest for a modern web

Cowboy, the youngest of the Erlang web servers, has been getting a lot of praise since its creation. Blogged as an interesting project by GitHub, mentioned a couple times in various talks in the previous Factory, and with already many early adopters. Learn what drives people to Cowboy, how it's been designed, and why you should write your next web application with it. The talk will conclude with an overview of the current and future works in or around the Cowboy project.

Audience: Web and network developers.

Objectives: Learn what's the Cowboy project, how it works and how using it improves greatly the development process when writing a network-enabled application. Find out how it allows writing robust and modern web applications thanks to its OTP-inspired design and the availability of WebSockets. Finally, a showcase of the recent efforts and future developments will be given.