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Paolo Negri
Opensource enthusiast, developer at wooga

Opensource citizen kind of geek, started a career 10 years ago as a linux sysadmin, then switched to a developer profile following the emerging ruby wave. After admiring the elegance of projects like RabbitMQ or Riak he is now involved in writing distributed apps based on Erlang. He has spoken at a few international conferences and enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences.

Twitter: @hungryblank

Paolo Negri is Giving the Following Talks
From 0 to 1,000,000 daily users with Erlang

This talk wants to sum up the experience about building and maintaining live our first social game server completely written in erlang.

The game has been now published and it’s time to think about the results achieved. In this talk we’ll describe details of our architecture, principles that drove its design and considerations about hosting the infrastructure.

We’ll go in detail through what worked well and what needs to be improved, all backed by data coming from our live system.
Come and follow us if you want to get the taste of real world erlang.