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Joe Armstrong

Co-Inventor of Erlang

Bruce Tate

Author of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

Robert Virding

Co-Inventor of Erlang, Principal Language Expert @ Erlang Solutions

Claes Wikström

Creator of YAWS and Mnesia; Tail-f and Bluetail Co-founder

Mike Williams

Co-Inventor of Erlang

Roberto Aloi

Creator of Erlang e-learning and

Jesper Louis Andersen

Distribution Geek, Creator of the Erlang BitTorrent Client

Stavros Aronis

Hunter of Discrepancies in Erlang Code

Thomas Arts

Co-founder of QuviQ, ex-CS Lab

Zvi Avraham

Chief Founder Monkey @ ZADATA

Pavlo Baron

Author of Erlang/OTP, Plattform für Massiv-Parallele und Fehlertolerante Systeme

Chris Brown

Research Fellow working on the ParaPhrase project and refactoring guru

Richard Carlsson

Father of eunit, edoc and try-catch

Benoît Chesneau

Web Craftsman and CouchDB Committer

Mats Cronqvist

Über-Techie, Troubleshooting Guru and Senior Architect

Joe DeVivo

Writes Code That Tests Riak

Henning Diedrich

Creator of Erlvolt, Maintainer of Emysql

Frej Drejhammar

The Brains behind the Erlang JIT

Antony Falco

Bryan Fink

WebMachine and Riak Committer

Alex Gerdes

QuickCheck expert and creator of Ask-Elle

Kevin Hammond

Professor in Computer Science

Torben Hoffmann

Product and Research Manager for Erlang Solutions

Loïc Hoguin

Creator of the Cowboy WebSocket Framework, Spawnfest Co-Founder

Sergey Ignatov

IntelliJ Developer and Creator of Erlang Plugin for IDEA

Joel Jacobson

Technical Evangelist at Basho

Thomas Järvstrand

Erlang hacker at Klarna since 2+ years

Vassilis Karampinas

Polyglot Programmer @ BugSense

Zachary Kessin

Erlang O'Reilly Author

Omer Kilic

Embedded Systems Engineer

David Klaftenegger

Multicore Efficiency Aficionado

Tamás Kozsik

Programming Cyber-Physical Systems

Lukas Larsson

JIT Problem solver

Daniel Lee

Core Code Grunt at Klarna

Huiqing Li

Inventor of Wrangler

Kenneth Lundin

Head of the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson

Eric Merritt

"Erlang and OTP in Action" Co-Author, ErlWare Maintainer

Evan Miller

Creator of Chicago Boss

Jared Morrow

Riak and RiakCS Committer

Patrik Nyblom

Erlang VM Developer and OTP Team Member

Jan Henry Nyström

Call me Henry

Sebastian Ohm

Technical Lead @ SoundCloud

Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

VP of R&D @ Ubiquity Networks

Enrique Paz Pérez

Senior Backend Developer @ SpilGames

Yurii Rashkovskii

Entrepreneur, Spawnfest Organiser and Elixir Committer

Tony Rogvall

Ex-CS Lab and Serial Entrepreneur

Ali Sabil

CTO @ Soundrop

Kostis Sagonas

Leader of the HiPE Team and Erlang Tool Developer

Arjan Scherpenisse

Zotonic Core Developer

Berner Setterwall


Ram C Singh

CEO of 10io. Thinker Schemer Solver Guy

Michal Slaski

Head of the Erlang Solutions Kraków Office

Andreas Stenius

Member of the Zotonic core team

Erik Stenman

O'Reilly Author, Chief Scientist @ Klarna

Peer Stritzinger

Entrepreneur, Erlang Embedded and Automotive Expert

Hans Svensson

QuickCheck expert who has visited the dark corners of Erlang

Simon Thompson

Creator of Wrangler and Co-Author of "Erlang Programming"

Melinda Toth

Researcher at ELTE and Leader of the RefactorErl Project

Torbjörn Törnkvist

Former Member of CS Lab, Solutions Architect @ Tail-f

Paul Valckenaers

Let's Build an Operating System for the Real World

Steve Vinoski

Distributed Systems Expert

Ulf Wiger

Feuerlabs co-founder and Developer Advocate

Kjell Winblad

Ph.D. Student @ Uppsala University

Cons T Åhs

Keeper of The Code