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Dominic Williams
An Agile voice in the Erlang world

Dominic Williams is co-founder and CTO of Corporama, a start-up  building an Erlang-powered Web site for looking up and tracking  companies on the Internet. He was previously CTO of Cellicium, makers of the USSD portal and gateway and biggest employer of Erlang  programmers in France. Dominic co-authored a book on Extreme  Programming back in 2002 and is the founder of Extreme Forge, an open  source tool for Extreme Programming in Erlang.

Dominic Williams is Giving the Following Talks
The Tao of TDD

Test-driven development (TDD) is more than "having tests". It is a Way. A way to design, a way to code and a way to keep code clean. It is  even a way to communicate with other developers. The tests are just the icing on the cake.
After describing the TDD development cycle as practiced by Extreme  Programmers, Dominic will show how Erlang and TDD are ideally suited  to each other, more so than with most OO languages. In particular, the lack of side effects, pattern matching and of course Erlang's concurrency model all make for a great TDD experience. In return, TDD  gives Erlang developers some of the safety of static typing, if not  more.
This tool-agnostic talk should convince TDD converts to use Erlang and  Erlang old-timers to try out the TDD Way!