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Duncan Coutts
Well-Typed LLP
Haskell consultant

Duncan is an independent Haskell consultant with Well-Typed LLP. His commercial work covers building end-user applications in Haskell and supporting companies that use Haskell through making improvements to the toolchain. He has more than ten years functional programming experience and is a well known member of the Haskell community.

Duncan Coutts is Giving the Following Talks
Building a Commercial Consortium

Users of Erlang have a great deal of shared infrastructure, in particular a shared language implementation. All Erlang users have an interest in their shared infrastructure being maintained and improved but what is the best model to fund it?

This talk will look at the consortium model and in particular at how it has worked in the Haskell world. The purpose is to provoke an informed discussion of whether a similar model might work in the Erlang world.