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Erik Stenman
CTO of Klarna
Klarna AB

Erik Happi Stenman has been programming for fun since 1980, and for profit since 1989 when he started his first company.

He received his Master of Science in Computer Science in 1996 from Uppsala University. Erik was one of the driving forces behind the the High Performance Erlang project (HiPE) from the start in 1996 until he successfully defended his Ph.D dissertation against opponent Simon Peyton-Jones.

During his post-doc as a project manager in Martin Odersky’s Scala group he helped bringing the project to a successful release of Scala 1.0.

Before joining Klarna (then Kreditor) he worked at Virtutech with low-level optimizations of Virtutech Simics.

Currently as CTO at Klarna Erik is responsible for the development and operation of “Klarna Online”, a system providing creative payment solutions to Internet shops.

Erik Stenman is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang Enhancement Proposal Panel Debate

Since the release of Erlang/OTP on GitHub the possibilities for the Erlang community to contribute to the development of Erlang has increased tremendously. We should leverage this possibility and the increased interest in Erlang to keep Erlang as a living and growing language by letting the community help the language evolve. In this slot, Erik will present the EPP process and committee.

The committee members present at the Erlang Factory will participate in a panel discussion together with the audience discussing the most important EEP proposals.

EEP Proposal list on the site.