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Laura M. Castro
Erlang enthusiast, researcher and constant learner
University of A Coruña

Laura became fascinated with Erlang when she learned the language as part of a functional programming course she took during the last years of her degree in software engineering. She was determined to make use of this language as part of her master thesis, so when the chance arose, she did not doubt to join the LFCIA Lab (today MADS Group) at the University of A Coruña (Spain), and their project to development an advanced risk management application using Erlang/OTP. Years later, she presented her PhD in Computer Science: a functional software development methodology which takes advantage of using functional technology to introduce quality assurance techniques and improve both the development process and the software result.

At the moment, she is an assistant teacher at the University of A Coruña, where she teaches software design and researches about model-based testing.

Laura M. Castro is Giving the Following Talks
Improving software development using Erlang/OTP: a case study

This talk presents the results of a study on software development using functional programming, based on a real industrial case. The integral process of software development is addressed from the declarative paradigm point of view, and this talk goes through the properties that functional technology gives to both software and its construction process, from the early analysis and design development phases, up to the final and no less critical verification and validation stages. In particular, the strengths and opportunities that emerge in the broad field of testing, thanks to the use of functional programming specifically, Erlang/OTP), are presented.