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Marc Worrell

After using C and other imperative languages for more than twenty years, Marc rediscovered Erlang in 2008.

Till 2008 he was co-owner and CTO of Mediamatic where he built a complex web based content management and social network using a mix of PHP and C. Before Mediamatic he realized projects like multimedia management systems using Oracle and Sybase, optimizing assemblers in C, a risk assessment application in NewtonScript and an assembler/disassembler generator in Haskell.

With his current company, WhatWebWhat, he is involved in building a large scale web platform for education called MaxClass in cooperation with Maximonster Interactive Things.

Marc Worrell is Giving the Following Talks
Zotonic: easy content management with Erlang's performance and flexibility.

Erlang and web sites are a great match. This talk will show you how Erlang solved the problems in building a flexible yet high performance CMS framework. A framework that works straight out of the box, is developer friendly, user friendly, and above all makes front end engineers happy.

We will start with describing the technologies and demands imposed by modern web sites and the usage patterns that web sites typically see. You will see how PHP and other popular systems solve many of these problems at the cost of major inefficiencies, and how we managed to solve most problems efficiently with Erlang.

This will bring us to the guts of Zotonic, its flexible datamodel and its module system. Afterwards you should feel confident enough to start making your own modules. We will also explain which open source projects are used inside Zotonic and how we have adapted them.

Finally we take a look into the near future where Zotonic will get a fault tolerant and distributed makeover for a large scale web platform for education, MaxClass by Maximonster Interactive Things. Are you the one who wants to help us?