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Marek Majkowski
Rabbit Technologies

After fruitful encounters with such diverse topics as programming industrial robots or exploiting every hidden feature of TCP/IP options for tracing networking traffic, Marek settled for 'scalability' as his main field of interest, one that he attacks with a magic sword labeled 'asynchrony'. Marek enjoys London, though he had to trade riding motorbike in Warsaw for daily commuting by tube. Marek likes to keep asking 'Does it scale?'

Marek Majkowski is Giving the Following Talks
The uses and challenges of cloud messaging

RabbitMQ is a leading implementation of the AMQP messaging standard, and is written in Erlang.  Many RabbitMQ users are applying it to cloud computing, both as a part of cloud-based applications and as a building block for cloud platforms.  In this talk, David will discuss the reasons for the interest in cloud messaging in general, and with RabbitMQ in particular, and the challenges faced when running infrastructure services in such environments.