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Mariano Guerra
A Python programmer in the Erlang world

Mariano Guerra is a 24 years Informations System Engineer from Cordoba Argentina, creator of the efene programming language and emesene instant messenger. His interests are learning and promoting python and erlang, listening a lot of music, traveling and working and promoting open source projects.

Mariano Guerra is Giving the Following Talks
Efene a programming language for the erlang VM

Efene is a programming language which runs on the Erlang virtual machine. It provides programmers coming from mainstream languages such as C/C++/C#/Java/Javascript an alternative syntax based on indentation for block delimiters for python and ruby programmers while making full use of the power and features of the Erlang VM.

Efene's objective is to be 100% compatible with erlang, efene programs can be automatically translated into readable erlang or compiled to bytecode. Efene and Erlang modules can interact without any problems since the abstract form from both languages is the same.

In this talk, Mariano will cover the design and implementation of efene and the rationale behind the different decisions taken while creating the language.

A demo will show how to fetch, build and test efene, and some small programs to show the syntax and main features of efene.