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Mickaël Rémond
Process One co-founder and ejabberd committer
Process One

Mickaël Rémond is the CEO and founder of ProcessOne. He has been actively involved in the Erlang development community for over a decade and is one of the world’s leading experts on instant messaging and ejabberd. Mickaël is an active member of the XMPP Standard Foundation, the leading organisation responsible for developing instant messaging standards and specifications. He has been associated with the XMPP protocol since 2000 and has been an elected member of the board of the foundation since 2006. In recent years, Mickaël has delivered over fifty presentations about instant messaging, ejabberd and related technologies at venues all over the world. In 2004, he was named ‘Erlang User of the Year’ at the Erlang User Conference, and he has also written a book about Erlang, which has been published in French.

Mickaël Rémond is Giving the Following Talks
Wave in Erlang: Progress update on WaveOne server

Google Wave is the emerging protocol for real time collaboration and semi-structured process. ProcessOne has developed its own implementation of the Wave protocol in Erlang, for scalability purpose and integration with ejabberd XMPP server. Our server supports a large subset of the required feature (From Wave operational transformation engine to Wave storage, including federation with Google Wave server itself).

The default client protocol we use is XMPP, meaning our Wave server can work as an ejabberd XMPP server extension and can be use directly inside XMPP client.This talk will present the Wave protocol, our Wave server, developed in Erlang, and its architecture.

This talk demonstrates the progress in both the server and the client development, with the new server feature for search and indexing as well as the browser-based XMPP client OneTeam for realtime collaboration from everywhere.