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Rudolph van Graan
Director, Pattern Matched Technologies and Telecommunications Consultant
Pattern Matched Technologies

Rudolph started working with Erlang during the winter of 2001. He co-founded PMT in 2003 and is the senior software architect. The company focuses on financial transaction processing systems for Mobile Network Operators and Banks. PMT has three main product lines - Emerald for electronic product distribution, voucher management and accounting, Crimson for Financial Switching and Amber for USSD and SMS solutions. Rudolph is a specialist in financial switching and has invented many Erlang techniques that makes it possible to quickly and effectively build reliable commercial systems.

Rudolph van Graan is Giving the Following Talks
Mnesia and Postgres

Financial systems present a particularly difficult problem in terms of scalability because by implication you have shared data.  The presentation focuses on how we at PMT achieve scalability and redundancy using a combination of Mnesia, PostgreSQL and Oracle Hardware.

We will look at how we at PMT

- recover from the complete failure of Mnesia databases
- keep the two databases synchronised
- utilise a combination of a robust SAN and a set of distributed nodes to get good throughput