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Tino Breddin
Embedded Erlanger from Dresden
Erlang Solutions

Tino Breddin is a Systems Engineer at Erlang Solutions Ltd where he spends quality time on building scalable, highly-reliable systems for messaging and data storage. When not using Erlang he prefers using Python or Ruby for anything which needs to be automated. Previously Tino worked at the research labs of SAP Labs LLC in Palo Alto and SAP AG in Dresden focusing on massively scalable systems development.

Tino Breddin is Giving the Following Talks
Taking the Erlang/OTP distro on github to the next level: Continuous builds and tests for community patches

Swarm is a continuous build system implemented in Erlang which takes software collaboration to another level. It allows users to share patches based on pre-defined rules, allowing for a more streamlined patch submission process than currently used for Erlang/OTP. Furthermore it supports the build and test of custom Erlang distributions which can be used to create specialized and supported collections of Erlang applications. Erlang Solutions plans to use Swarm to automatically test patches submitted to Erlang/OTP's main branch on Github and provide ready-to-use operating system packages of Erlang/OTP and custom variants. Tino will present the concepts behind Swarm and show how it can be used to improve the Erlang/OTP collaboration process.