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Tom Preston-Werner
Cofounder of GitHub and Erlectricity maintainer

As cofounder of GitHub, the world's largest and most active Git hosting website, Tom Preston-Werner possesses inside knowledge of the Git ecosystem and how it is changing the way in which code collaboration is done. Tom is responsible for both low-level system architecture scaling and user interface design/usability. He's currently obsessed with finding ways to marry the productivity of Ruby with the high concurrency prowess of Erlang.

Tom Preston-Werner is Giving the Following Talks
Contributing to Erlang: Making the most of Git and GitHub

Erlang/OTP has recently moved to Git and GitHub allowing for drastically improved visibility and a more streamlined contribution policy. In this talk you'll learn how to make the best of these new developments and how to use Git and GitHub to efficiently interact with other Erlang developers and get your patches accepted into core Erlang/OTP!