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Tony Rogvall
Code wrestler

I have been hacking madly since I first came in contact with sinclair zx80, I even gave up the electric guitar. Since then I have been reading math, verified nuclear power plants, building  huge telecom systems, designing and building internet infra structure nodes, constructing programming languages. Now I am back to where I started, with 4K of ram in a tiny and slow processor and I love it.
You can find my latest projects at

Tony Rogvall is Giving the Following Talks
SeaZone, CAN based power distribution system

I will talk and demonstrate a CAN based power distribution system called the powerZone. And how is this related to Erlang? I will talk about that too. The SeaZone products are using a CAN based protocol called CANopen. I will spend some time talking about how this protocol is designed and why SeaZone is using it.