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Don Syme
Designer and co-implementer of F#

Don Syme is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, UK. He is responsible for the design of the F# programming language and has contributed extensively to the design of the .NET platform through .NET and C# generics. His research focuses on making functional languages that are simpler to use, interoperate well with other languages and which incorporate aspects of object-oriented, asynchronous and parallel programming.

Don Syme is Giving the Following Talks
What the Erlang programmer needs to know about F#

F# is a pragmatic functional language which the Erlang programmer will find both familiar and foreign: agents are there, but so are objects; types are there, but they aren't too constraining; pattern matching and other functional features are there, but there are differences. This talk will recap the basics of F# from the Erlang programmer's perspective, loosely speaking, and help you understand how learning one language can give you skills you can use when working with the other.