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Alvaro Videla
Co-author of the RabittMQ Manning book
Liip AG

Alvaro works for Liip AG in Switzerland as Software Developer. Before moving to Europe he used to work in Shanghai were he helped building one of Germany biggest dating websites. He's co-authoring the book "RabbitMQ in Action" for Manning Publishing. Some of his open source projects can be found here: Apart from code related stuff he likes travelling with his wife, listening/playing music and reading books.

Alvaro Videla is Giving the Following Talks
Messaging Patterns with RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ is emerging as good solution for open source messaging in modern architectures. This opens new challenges on how to implement integration patterns in order to go beyond simple produce/consume applications. In this presentation we will show how to implement several messaging patterns using RabbitMQ as backend technology such as:

- Competing consumers
- Parallel RPC
- Smart Proxy
- Publish/Subscribe

The examples will be given in Erlang.