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John-Paul Bader
Discordian Devop
Wooga GmbH

John started out as a graphic designer who was always interested how the tools he used actually worked. Around 2000 he joined the Chaos Computer Club, Europes largest hacker organization, which contributed well to his auto didactic approach of understanding technology. For several years he developed custom websites with Javascript and Ruby before he joined Wooga where he now develops game servers for millions of users in Erlang.

John-Paul Bader is Giving the Following Talks
A Beginners Guide to Erlang

At Wooga I had the chance to rewrite an old PHP game server to Erlang with very little experience. Now the project is finished and we learned a lot about Erlang which I'd like to talk about. The common beginner mistakes, oddities and other slow downs and how to avoid them.

Talk objectives:
The goal is to show beginners how fast they can get started with Erlang projects if they avoid some of the common beginner mistakes and slow downs. On the other side I hope I can stir up some discussions about Erlang itself and making it a little bit more approachable.

Target audience:
Beginners and experienced Erlang developers, interested in improving the Erlang world itself.