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Adam Kocoloski
Founder & CTO of Cloudant, CouchDB Expert

Adam is an Apache CouchDB developer and one of the founders of Cloudant. He is the lead architect of a Dynamo-flavored clustering solution for CouchDB that serves as the core of Cloudant's distributed data management platform. Adam received his Ph.D. in Physics from MIT in 2010, where he studied the gluon's contribution to the spin structure of the proton. He is a proud father to three beautiful girls.

Twitter: @kocolosk

Adam Kocoloski is Giving the Following Talks
Event Handling in Erlang - When is gen_event the Answer?

The OTP includes a behaviour for generic event handling that sees regular use in a wide variety of Erlang applications. We will review the implementation, discuss the preferred conditions for a gen_event notification system and the various ways in which it is deployed in Apache CouchDB.  We will also introduce a new application developed at Cloudant to overcome some of the deficiencies of gen_event in dynamic, high concurrency environments.