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Christian Gribneau
CTO @ Ology Media Inc.
Ology Media

Christian is the CTO of Ology Media. His career in systems administration with a primary emphasis on solving problems of scale eventually developed into engineering management and systems architecture. He's been drawn to erlang for the actor model, shared-nothing approach and fault tolerance.

Twitter: @gribneau
github: @gribneau

Christian Gribneau is Giving the Following Talks
Speaking Locally

At Erlang Factory San Francisco, 2013, a simple mechanism for tracking user location and finding others nearby was presented and contributed as open source. That presentation is extended with XMPP integration (Mongoose IM) for Presence and WebRTC for videochat.

The resulting application tracks presence of users within a geographic area and enables videochat between them.

Talk objectives: Emerging technology (WebRTC) is combined with established systems (Mongoose IM, Mochiweb, Google Maps, Twitter Bootstrap, Redis) to quickly produce a location-aware audio / video communications platform. Licensed MIT.

Target audience: anyone interested in using Erlang to fuel the next generation of rich personal communication over the internet. The source code of the demonstration application will be available on github and licensed MIT.